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This new brutal investigation out-of overall duration and the entire body pounds was in fact processed using a Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Place of work 365)

This new brutal investigation out-of overall duration and the entire body pounds was in fact processed using a Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Place of work 365)

The information and knowledge was basically showed because dining tables and data, and therefore the analysis was in fact assessed descriptively thanks to evaluation which have relevant reports, theories, and you can industry findings.

Length-pounds matchmaking

Industry observation of one’s catch structure showed that Liza macrolepis and you will Moolgarda engeli was indeed widespread. A maximum of 242 L. macrolepis and you will 109 M. engeli was in fact sampled and you will counted regarding the investigation. The duration of men L. macrolepis varied away from 141.4 – 202.step 1 mm (164.8 ± mm), and you can ranged from 129.2–185.cuatro mm (159.step one ± mm) for ladies. You pounds of male L. macrolepis varied regarding g so you’re able to 89.6 grams (54.1 ± 13.step three grams into the average), and you may twenty eight.8 g in order to g (47.nine ± nine.52 g inside mediocre) in women. The length of the male Meters. engeli ranged of 109.9–188.5 mm (161.9± mm) and you can 116.5–182.step three mm (154.step 1 ± mm) for women. The human body weight of your own men was 13.6 – 108.5 gram (47.6±19.step 3 gram), hence of one’s girls are 14.2–75.1 gram (41.4 ± gram). Brutal investigation are available due to the fact fundamental data 37 .

The outcome of the LWRs analysis to Asexual dating sites free the L. macrolepis showed that a man fish got a b property value 2.forty two with a relationship coefficient out of 0.93, while the people seafood had a b worth of step 1.81 and you can a relationship coefficient from 0.82 (Figure 2a and you will 2b). Thus, a man and you can ladies L. macrolepis displayed negative growth habits, and you can a medium correlation between lbs and you can overall duration of the fresh seafood. The outcomes regarding LWRs research of men M. engeli showed that the common b value try 3.twenty-two having an effective coefficient relationship out of 0.89. The feminine Yards. engeli got an average b property value step three.41 with a great coefficient correlation of 0.93 (Contour 3a and you can 3b). Such research mean that the male and you may ladies M. engeli has actually an optimistic allometric increases trend, and a robust correlation between pounds and you can full length.

Profile dos.

The exact distance-pounds relationships regarding Liza macrolepis centered on linear allometric design (a) male, (b) female; Analysis out-of seen and you will predict growth to possess male (c), and you will ladies (d) off Liza macrolepis. R2 – devotion coefficient, r – relationship coefficient, Letter – quantity of seafood sampled.

Contour step three.

The exact distance-pounds dating away from Moolgarda engeli based on linear allometric design (a) male, (b) female; Assessment out-of seen and you may forecast progress to possess men (c), and you may girls (d) out-of Moolgarda engeli. R2 – commitment coefficient, roentgen – correlation coefficient, N – amount of seafood sampled.

Centered on sampling 12 months, the average b worth of L. macrolepis (male and female) are 2.78 within the inactive year and you may dos.twenty eight when you look at the wet season (Contour 4a). The newest b value of M. engeli try 3.42 into the deceased year and you will 2.48 within the wet season (Profile 4b). This type of study imply that the fresh b really worth is leaner inside the wet-season for both variety. The fresh scatter plots of land out-of predicted fundamental lbs to possess particular noticed length, because the calculated regarding the composite away from size–pounds regression, was shown when you look at the Figure 2c and you may 2d and you can Shape 3c and you will d. The regression habits inform you an improvement amongst the observed and predict development habits in variety.

Profile cuatro.

The distance-weight relationship of Liza macrolepis (a) throughout the deceased year (b) throughout wet-season and you can Moolgarda engeli (c) during the lifeless season (d) during the wet season. R2 – devotion coefficient, roentgen – relationship coefficient, Letter – level of fish sampled.

Updates factors. The results indicated that the male L. macrolepis got a great Fulton’s status (K) grounds of just one.19, and you may relative pounds reputation basis (Wr) from ; just like the girls had a good Fulton’s status foundation of 1.19, and you will cousin lbs reputation foundation out-of . Additionally, male Yards. engeli got a good Fulton’s condition factor of 1.05, and you may cousin pounds reputation foundation away from ; whereas the latest women keeps Fulton’s condition foundation of 1.06, and you can cousin pounds condition factor away from (Table 1). Considering testing 12 months, new Fulton’s position out-of L. macrolepis into the dry seasons is actually step 1.twenty two and for the cousin pounds; within the wet-season these people were step 1.19 and you can , correspondingly. At the same time, brand new K and you can Wr beliefs of M. engeli when you look at the deceased 12 months had been step 1.03 and , respectively; inside the wet season they certainly were 1.09 and , respectively (Desk dos). The details of your temperatures were noticed aesthetically. The occasions are mostly rainy during sampling from the wet-season, and so the turbidity try large during this seasons.

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